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Dede's Hand-cut Sea Salt Caramels 

You can’t just eat one of our sweet and creamy little treats.  This family recipe starts with only the best cream, butter, vanilla and brown sugar.  Each batch is stirred, sprinkled with French sea salt, cut and wrapped by hand.  Yes, it’s labor intensive, but it’s tradition and worth every minute.  There’s nothing else like it.  You can truly taste the difference in our small batch artisanal caramels.  They melt in your mouth, creamy, salty…delicious. 

-15.00, plus shipping (box of 15 pieces)

Have you ever had a smoked sea salt caramel?  This is a delicious twist on our traditional sea salt caramels.  Give them a try.  We promise you won’t be disappointed.  

- 15.00, plus shipping (box of 15 pieces)  

-115.00, save on shipping (8 boxes)  

Dede's Gold Box Chocolate Dipped Caramels

Beware!  These little squares are addictive and are one of our most requested treats.   Dede’s family recipe artisanal sea salt caramels are made by hand the old fashioned way in small batches.  Then they are hand-cut and dipped in dark chocolate.  Only the best cream, butter, vanilla and brown sugar make it into our scrumptous candies.  Sea salt is sprinkled on top and dark chocolate is drizzled for that finishing touch.  You’ll be ordering more once you try our combination of sweet and creamy with just the right amount of French sea salt.   Your caramels will arrive in a beautiful gold metallic candy box.

These make great gifts for that special someone.

-20.00, plus shipping (box of 16)

-150.00, save on shipping (8 boxes)