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Dede's Louisiana Red Hot Sauce

This is a very traditional Louisiana red hot sauce with just the right amount of kick with a vinegary bite.

-5.00, plus shipping

Dede's Southern Season

Give our mult-purpose seasoning a try.  It's a must have for your spice drawer.  Very little salt added, so you can spice it up without being overly salty.  This is one hard working spice blend!

-6.00, plus shipping

Dede's Creole Starter Sauce


When we think of Creole, we are reminded of briny, tender Gulf Shrimp in stewed tomatoes with garlic.  And that's just what you'll get with Dede's Creole Starter Sauce.  We love it with shrimp over rice, but that's the beauty of our starter sauces.  We've done all the chopping and seasoning and you get to add your favorite meat to make it your own.  This Louisiana staple is gluten free.  

- 12.00, plus shipping  

Dede's Jambalaya Starter Sauce


It's our best seller and there's a reason why!  It's hearty, smoky and has just the right about of spice.  Dede's Jambalaya Starter Sauce is chopped by hand and prepared in small artisan batches. You can truly taste the difference. Just one bite and you'll be transported back to the bayou.  This traditional Louisiana dish is gluten free, dairy free and nut free. Served it with rice or even pasta and your choice of meat.  We love it with andouille sausage.   


- 12.00, plus shipping